What is CBD? Its Uses, Side-Effects, Health Benefits & More

What is CBD? CBD Uses, Side-Effects, Health Benefits, Dosage, how does CBD work on our bidy & more. Learn everything in this post.


Cannabidiol, widely known as CBD, is a compound, which occurs naturally in the Cannabis sativa plant species. ‘Cannabis is a plant genus containing various chemical compounds that can have different types of effects on the body.


What Is Marijuana?                      

There are two different cannabis plants: marijuana and hemp. Marijuana is a greenish plant that contains two various components: THC and CBD.

THC is responsible for making you ‘high’, while CBD may help you deal better with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and many other health troubles without making you intoxicated. In marijuana, THC levels are usually higher than CBD.

Hemp contains more CBD and less THC than marijuana. While THC can make you feel “high” when you use it, CBD doesn’t have that effect. That’s the biggest difference between the two.

Now the question arises is it possible for CBD to leave a psychoactive or intoxicating effect on our body or mind? This condition is commonly known as getting “high”?

No. The cannabis plant contains hundreds of compounds (called phytocannabinoids), but they have two prominent roles.


CBD and THC 

CBD is the non-psychoactive part of the plant, which means you don’t experience euphoric-like effects, explained Junella Chin, DO, an osteopathic physician and medical cannabis expert. Doctors say about 5% of people feel a change after taking CBD.


CBD Side-Effects

If a person consumes Advil or Tylenol, it might have some side effects. So, it’s advised to be careful and consult a doctor before trying new supplements as each body type reacts differently.

If you want to use CBD, it’s suggested that you purchase it from a brand, which gets its products tested by an independent third-party entity and ensures that it is of high quality and safe to use.

Because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate over-the- CBD, purchasing a product that is more or less powerful than advertised or even holds small amounts of THC is possible.

While it doesn’t regulate CBD products, the FDA will issue warning letters to companies who breach specific laws, such as those producing products containing THC or making false medical claims on their labels.


Health Benefits of CBD

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in the cannabis plant that has been observed for its potential health benefits. Following are some of CBD health benefits:


Provides Relief from Pain: CBD may help ease pain by relieving inflammation and acts with receptors that are responsible for pain in the body.

Reduces Anxiety and Depression: Recent research reveals that CBD may help to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression because it can affect serotonin levels in our brain.


Neuroprotective Properties: CBD may have neuroprotective properties. In layman’s lingo, it can actually help to guard against neurological diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis.

Helpful In Epilepsy: CBD has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of certain epilepsy and its types such as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome.


Anti-Inflammatory Properties: CBD has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, which may make it useful in treating conditions such as arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

Improves Sleep: Other research points out that CBD may help to eliminate sleep disorders. It improves sleep quality and minimizes the risk of insomnia.

And while unbiased research is scant, some studies are showing promise. For example, researchers in a 2021 study published in the Journal of Cannabis Research found that CBD-rich remedies helped reduce moderate to severe pain, anxiety, and depression. These treatments have also improved the general well-being of people with these conditions. Still, the study did not show any benefit of CBD in patients with mild symptoms.


CBD for Pain Management

According to Doctors, there are mainly two types of pain.

Musculoskeletal and Nerves.

Both conditions may have benefits, and there is evidence that CBD is most effective for pain when combined with THC. Depending on the type of pain you have, you can take CBD alone, but sometimes you need both CBD and THC. Knowing your intake is also a challenge. A pain-relieving dose for one person may have little effect on another. And that’s the Wild West until we can study it.


Is It Worth Trying?

It is safe to try and pressure representatives to pass national legislation allowing scientists to study CBD and its related conditions more closely, urging people to push for more research. CBD has a lot to offer keeping in mind its medicinal properties.

Several CBD products are becoming fads among young people, as it is changing the whole game of organic and all-natural components treating various problems and providing relief from inflammation and pains in the body. CBD also counters chronic pains and proffers instant relaxation to the muscles, skin, and tendons.

It is noteworthy here that you need to check the quality and COA of the product before using it. Focus on the benefits and the quality of the product considering your requirements.


Can CBD Relieve Anxiety? 

CBD may be of value in managing anxiety symptoms. It gives signs to your body to calm down and reminds you to stay safe. For this reason, it may help people with anxiety feel more relaxed. Yet one of the biggest misconceptions about it is that it is a miracle drug.

You might think it is an elixir, but it’s not. You also need a healthy lifestyle with plenty of exercise and nutrition, but it isn’t the cure-all.

While it can treat anxiety symptoms, it’s essential to get proper treatment from a mental health professional to address and treat the underlying cause of your anxiety.


Risk of Use During Pregnancy

A simple answer to using CBD during pregnancy is No. This is because there is very little research on this subject. A 2020 article published in Frontiers in Pharmacology says a pregnant woman is risking her unborn baby using CBD products that may contain other ingredients that may be unsafe to use during pregnancy. It is always wise to stay safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding and avoid any medication until your child is diet-independent.

CBD can also help with ADHD. This read will elaborate on everything. To read Click Here-Here


CBD for Dogs

Are you looking to give your puppy one of these CBD dog biscuits or planning to try any other product on your furry friend? But the challenges in considering such products for pets are the same as for humans; Lack of research. We have great products today but need to learn how to differentiate them.

Final Verdict

So if you’re using a CBD product, ensure it’s been third-party tested for quality assurance, as the FDA does not regulate it. Although there is some research on the benefits of CBD, there still needs to be more research on this topic, and there is still a lot to learn about it and its benefits.


After consuming so much information on CBD, we know that there are some questions popping up in your mind. So, we have tried to answer them through the following FAQs. Do check it out!!




Is CBD safe?

CBD has a lot of medicinal properties that promote overall health. But it may also cause side effects in some people. Some of the known side effects of CBD include reduced appetite, diarrhea, dry mouth, skin irritation, liver injury, and reproductive problems.


Is CBD safe for kids?

Although CBD has many health benefits, it has also been known to deter children’s health. It causes fatigue, excessive sleepiness, and diarrhea. Other adverse effects include liver damage and seizures.


Is CBD safe for women?

CBD affects women more intensely than men. Some women can experience hormonal imbalances, in addition to tiredness and irritation. It is also strictly advised not to use CBD during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Is CBD safe for men?

CBD is not entirely safe for men as most people think. Some men may react negatively to CBD. They may have allergic reactions, fatigue, agitation, and diarrhea. They may also develop serious conditions such as liver injury and fertility problems.


Is CBD safe for infants?

No, it is not safe for infants to take CBD in any form. FDA has strongly advised against CBD usage for infants. It can potentially lead to seizures, liver damage, irritability, and other developmental disorders.


Is CBD safe for dogs?

CBD usage for dogs has been known to cause mild side effects including lethargy, dry mouth, and diarrhea. It has also been reported to cause a sudden drop in blood pressure levels in dogs which can in turn lead to lightheadedness.


Is CBD safe for cats?

Anecdotal studies have revealed contradictory findings about the use of CBD for cats. It is widely believed that pure and high-quality CBD doesn’t cause any noticeable side effects. But, low-quality CBD can cause certain side effects most notably gastrointestinal issues which may lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and cramping.


Is CBD safe for horses?

The use of CBD for horses has been proven to cause some mild side effects including increased thirst and lethargic nature. But, it can easily be countered by reducing the dosage and keeping the dosage in check.


Is CBD safe for parrots?

There have been no reports or incidents that suggest CBD causes side effects in parrots or any other birds for that matter. However, if your parrot has any pre-existing condition or is being treated with any other medication, it is wise to administer CBD under the guidance of a veterinarian.


Is CBD safe for parakeets?

Yes, CBD is completely safe for parakeets and doesn’t cause any noticeable side effects. However, it is wise to start with a lower dose to see how your parakeet reacts to CBD.

Is CBD legal?

Hemp-derived CBD products with less than 0.3% THC are legal federally but still illegal under some states.


However, before you make up your mind to purchase CBD, you must ensure whether it’s legal in your state or not. This 3-minute read will provide you the holistic knowledge about it’s legality. CBD Legal States 2023


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