CBD for Muscle Spasms: Which Is Better Topical or Pills

cbd for muscle spasm


Cannabidiol oil, aka CBD, is a marijuana substance that can efficiently help in seizures and muscle spasms. However, CBD oil is comparably safe than any other identical mind-altering properties as it excludes the primary psychoactive substance termed THC or tetrahydrocannabinol essential source of the high sensation.

However, if you’re new to the CBD world and want to know What is CBD and how it helps you improve your overall health, do go through this five-minute read. What is CBD

So, what is muscle spasm and is there any CBD for muscle spasms?

Conditions like muscle stress, neurological abnormalities, excessive usage, and rare medical illnesses can trigger muscle cramps. 

CBD oil has a shortage of scientific evidence regarding its efficacy. However, some researchers suggest that it might create a positive side in treating muscle spasms as it works together with the endocannabinoid function of the human body. This can influence several physiological processes, such as relaxation and muscle toning.

According to a report released by European research on Pain, people who are dealing with peripheral neuropathy expressed feeling better due to reduced discomfort and better quality of life after utilizing topical CBD.

Also, a piece of evidence published in the Journal of Clinical Neurology stated that CBD oil alleviated muscular stiffness in MS (multiple sclerosis) patients.

To fully understand CBD’s effectiveness on muscle spasm, lets us first understand deeply what exactly is a muscle spasm.

What Is a Muscle Spasm?

Muscle spasms, or muscle cramps, are sudden and unintended jerks of multiple muscles at a time. It is characterized by a short-lived yet intense pain and a tightness that can be either visibly seen or felt in the affected muscle.

Painful cramps can occur in various parts of the body such as arms, abdomen, legs, and back. Muscle spasms can take different forms, each associated with diverse potential causes and symptoms.

Common factors contributing to muscle spasms encompass muscle fatigue, inadequate hydration, imbalances in electrolyte levels resulting in deficiencies of minerals like calcium or magnesium, discomfort or injury to the muscles, excessive muscle usage, compression or irritation of nerves, certain uncommon medical conditions (such as peripheral neuropathy or multiple sclerosis), and negative interactions with medications.

Symptoms of muscle spasms may differ in length and intensity. They might be moderate to severe and linger for various amounts of time. Muscle spasms can occur as isolated incidents or recur over time. These spasms are usually harmless and tend to resolve on their own but can cause immense pain and can disturb daily activities or sleep.


Does CBD Help Muscle Knots?

Scientific evidence says that CBD oil has the potential to help patients suffering from pain and inflammation due to muscle knots. Various investigations have been done on CBD, to learn about its impacts on various forms of pain and inflammation, suggesting its ability to potentially reduce discomfort and inflammation associated with muscle knots. CBD Oil

Moreover, it is also claimed that the properties of CBD might have the ability to relax the muscles, which can be a great help to ease muscle strain and induce relaxation in the affected area.

However, individual responses to CBD may vary, and additional study is required to fully understand its effect on muscular knots. Consulting with a healthcare professional before using CBD for muscle spasms is recommended to ensure its suitability and discuss any potential interactions with other medications.

It’s important to note that incorporating other self-care techniques like stretching, massage, heat or cold therapy, gentle exercise, and adequate hydration can also aid in managing muscle knots. Seeking medical attention is advisable if muscle knots persist or cause severe pain or impairment.


In context with CBD for muscle spasms, CBD has displayed promising potential in reducing pain, inflammation, and muscle tension linked to muscle knots. Although further investigations are needed to fully comprehend its effects, CBD’s analgesic properties and ability to relax muscles make it an interesting option for managing muscle knots. It is advised to speak with a healthcare professional before using CBD to ensure its appropriateness.

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