What is CBD Vapes and How Does It Work?

What is cbd vapes and how does it work?


Everything You Need To Know About CBD Vaping; Pros and Cons


What is CBD Vapes and How Does it Work?


 CBD vaping has gained a lot of traction, especially among the youth and teen community. Even though vaping doesn’t produce any sensation of ‘high’, it does make one seem cool. It is because of this reason vaping has become popular among teens. The popularity of CBD vaping can be witnessed in the CBD vapes Reddit communities which is an example of the prevalent number of CBD vaping enthusiasts. So, what is cbd vapes and how does it work? Let’s know in detail. But before we delve into our core topic, we would like you to inform that you can explore our other reads that deal with CBD for Depression & Anxiety: Myths, Facts, Benefits, Side-Effects-here-here 

CBD vape is equipment that heats and vaporizes CBD e-liquid to produce vapors that can be inhaled. It is similar to an e-cigarette in its working principle. But, instead of nicotine, it contains CBD liquid. Inhaling the vapors contains the same benefits similar to that of using edible and topical CBD. So, in many ways, it is considered to be a healthier version of e-cigarettes. But, is CBD vaping really as healthy as it is portrayed? Read on to find the answer to what is CBD vapes and how does it work. 


The following article decodes the myths surrounding CBD vaping and provides factual information about the working mechanism of CBD vaping devices along with its health benefits and harmful effects. 


How does CBD Vape work?

The CBD vape device is designed generally in the shape of a pen that can be easily held. CBD oil, also referred to as CBD e-liquid or CBD juice is filled in the tank of the CBD vape pen. The tank consists of two parts – one is the atomizer coil and the other is the reservoir. The reservoir stores the CBD juice and it is separated from the atomizer coil by a cotton or ceramic wick. The wick prevents the CBD oil from overflowing over the atomizer coil and leaking out from the tank. A battery source is used to heat the atomizer coil. The CBD vape devices use a lithium-ion battery that can operate at 4.2 volts on a full charge.  


When you activate the device, the battery heats the atomizer coil. The atomizer coil in turn heats and vaporizes the CBD juice stored in the reservoir of the tank. There is an air tube through which the CBD vapor travels and reaches your mouth. The process is repeated continuously. Some vape devices come with airflow sensors that automatically generate vapors when you inhale on the mouthpiece. Others come with an activation button that you have to press and keep holding to generate the vapors. 


Types of CBD Vapes

There are two types of CBD vaping devices. They have the same operating mechanism but are classified based on their reusability. 


  • Disposable

The disposable CBD vape devices are one-time usable and come with pre-filled CBD juice and an in-built battery. The battery will be fully charged and you can start using them immediately. The disposable device is easy to use as they generate automatic vapors when you inhale without having the need to press the manual activation button. They don’t require any maintenance such as refilling CBD e-liquid or recharging the battery. The e-liquid can be bought separately in the form of cartridges. The best CBD vape cartridges last for a few hundred puffs before depletion, post which you will have to dispose of them. 


  • Refillable

These are the best CBD vape devices for people who vape a lot. They consist of a tank and battery. In this, you will have to fill the CBD juice and recharge the battery. The CBD juice has to be filled in the tank either by sliding it open or unscrewing the top of the tank. The battery will generally come with an indicator to denote the charge. It has to be recharged every few days depending on the usage. The refillable devices also generally come with a manual activation button that has to be kept pressed when vaping. 


Types of CBD E-Liquid

After understanding what is CBD vapes and how does it work, now let’s talk about its types. There are 3 types of CBD e-liquid which are as follows:


  • Full Spectrum CBD

The full-spectrum CBD vape juice contains a mixture of CBD and other plant compounds which include essential oils, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. The plant compounds work with CBD to increase medicinal properties and provide more benefits. This increase in medicinal properties is referred to as the ‘entourage effect’. It should also be noted full spectrum CBD may contain THC of up to 0.3%.


  • Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad Spectrum CBD is similar to full-spectrum CBD with the same compounds, except the only difference is that it doesn’t contain THC. It also produces the entourage effect due to the presence of additional plant compounds. 


  • CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate is a pure CBD vape e-liquid and doesn’t contain any additional compounds. Generally, CBD isolate is considered to be 99% pure which helps you to get maximum benefits from CBD extract. 


Types of Battery

Depending on the operating mechanism, the batteries used in CBD vaping devices are categorized into three types.


  • Direct Voltage Output Battery

Direct voltage output batteries deliver the best performance when they are fully charged and operate at 4.2 volts. When their charge depletes, their voltage is also reduced, thereby leading to less vapor production. 


  • Regulated Battery

Regulated batteries operate at a maximum voltage of 4.2 volts at full charge. But, they are optimized in such a way that even when the voltage reduces, their performance is stable. They continue to produce vapors steadily even at a low charge. 


  • Variable-Voltage and Variable-Wattage Battery

These types of batteries are customizable variants that allow you to adjust the power and vapor production as per your needs. If you want an intense vaping experience, then you can increase the power. Or, you can decrease the power to reduce vapor production.  


What is CBD Vapes and How Does it Work?


Strength and Flavor of CBD E-Liquid

The strength of CBD e-liquid is referred to as the amount of CBD present in one milliliter of the liquid. It is represented in mg/ml. Anything below 5 mg/ml is considered to be low strength. On the other hand, CBD with concentrations of 60+ mg/ml is considered to be the strongest. A bottle of 10 ml CBD liquid can contain up to 600 mg of CBD. The most concentrated e-liquids are the best CBD vapes for sleep and for treating other medical conditions. However, if you are new to vaping, then it is safe to start with a lower strength. 


One of the primary reasons for the rise in popularity of CBD vaping is because of the exotic flavors of CBD e-liquid. It is available in different flavors that provide a unique vaping experience. The most popular flavors are citrus, berry, and mint. The other common flavors include vanilla, apple, and bubble gum. 

Benefits of CBD Vaping 

After having a good understanding of what is CBD vapes and how does it work, below is the list of the most common CBD vape benefits:


  • CBD vaping is the most effective technique to absorb CBD as vaping has the highest bioavailability among all the other consumption methods. 


  • It retains the CBD vape oil effects and maximizes its effectiveness to treat seizures, nausea, insomnia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and certain neurological conditions.  


  • CBD vaping produces instant relief from pain and anxiety. 


  • CBD vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking nicotine and tobacco products. 


  • CBD e-liquid is available in different flavors which produces a rather unique experience. 


  • CBD vaping doesn’t produce any smell of stale smoke. And in some cases, produces a pleasant aroma depending on the flavor. 


Side Effects of CBD Vaping

Below is the list of the most common side effects and potential damages caused by CBD vaping: 


  • CBD vaping has been found to cause progressive lung damage such as bronchiolitis obliterans, commonly known as popcorn lung. 


  • CBD vaping damages blood vessels and contributes to heart diseases. 


  • It compromises the body’s immune system and lowers immunity.


  • There is still a lot of stigma around CBD vaping and people who vape CBD are frowned upon. 




We are sure you know now exactly what is CBD vapes and how does it work uptil here. CBD vaping is the most effective CBD consumption technique. But, the CBD vape side effects can’t be ignored. It is also the technique that causes the most serious and irreversible side effects. If you smoke nicotine products and you are looking for an alternative, then CBD vaping could be a healthier option. However, its long-term use will cause lethal damage to your body. It would be wise to use CBD either by edible or topical methods. 


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