Benefits of Hemp Oil for Dogs: Hemp Seed vs Hemp Oil, Uses

benefits of hemp oil for dogs


Being a pet owner, you must be aware of how animals reciprocate the love you give them. You show your love by giving them tasty and healthy treats and look out for premium and high-quality products for your buddy, be it a dog, cat, horse, or any other pet. A product that is gaining fame amongst dog owners for its promising healthcare services is hemp oil. As pet owners, we always wonder what to choose and what not. The recent popularity of the benefits of hemp oil for dogs among dog owners has become the talk of the town. 

If you are a new pet owner or someone desperate to know about hemp oil or how to use it for your dog(s) then, you, my friend, are on the right page. Here we will discuss all your queries related to hemp oil and its benefits.

Besides, research indicates hemp oil has anti-tumor properties which can prove as one of the essential benefits of hemp oil for dogs with cancer as well. Hence, it can be prolific in managing the symptoms and reducing the pain associated with the tumor. Therefore, it can be highly suitable for the treatment of dogs with cancer.

Benefits of Hemp Oil for Dogs

  •   Strengthens the immune system keeping it intact by producing Omega-3 fatty acids
  •   Maintaining heart health with ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) reduces the risk of heart disease
  •   Incorporate Omega-6 fatty acid (gamma-linolenic acid) best for the body and dog’s health
  •   Regulates inflammatory response and blood pressure with anti-inflammatory agents
  •   Relieves joint stiffness improves mobility and keeps the shape of the pet in good condition
  •   Manage stress and anxiety in pets caused due to trauma or sudden changes in routine
  •   Keep the fur quality and coat in check reducing fur fall
  •   Highly likely beneficial for skin diseases (granulomas or dermatitis)
  •   Weight management and obesity in pets
  •   Aids in relieving pain and tackling seizures

What is Hemp oil? 

Hemp oil is naturally loaded with a bundle of health benefits for our buddy. We get hemp oil from a hemp plant (Cannabis Sativa) mainly from its seeds. Distinct healthy components exist organically in the oil inclusive of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, etc. Often, people tend to confuse hemp oil with that CBD oil extracted from the same plant.

As mentioned, Hemp oil is drawn out from the seed of the plant but CBD is derived from all parts including flowers, leaves, and stalks. Yet, both are separate in terms of their medicinal properties. Hemp is deprived of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), a complex compound with psychoactive properties. Hence, hemp oil is much safer for our pets.

How to use hemp oil for dogs? 

To introduce hemp oil to your furry friend, you can add it to their food, give it through oral drops or it can be incorporated into their treats. Moreover, opting for dog treats infused with hemp oil is also a good option. You can give capsules if your furry buddy is ready to consume them. It is always best to introduce a small quantity as per the weight of your canine buddy to maintain overall health.

How to choose the right hemp oil for dogs? 

Although, a plethora of manufacturers in the business claims various health benefits of hemp oil for dogs. Being responsible dog owners we often delve deep into the right product for our dog and keep in mind its usage.

Although there are multiple benefits of hemp oil, first you must consult with your veterinarian before adding this or for instance giving any supplement to your pet. A vet can help you with the right amount of dosage and guide you adequately regarding the usage of the product.

Check for the quality, extraction method as cold-press gives the maximum benefit by preserving its natural properties. It should be derived from organic hemp plants only and tested and certified for its efficiency and purity.

Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs

Moreover, CBD hemp oil is also becoming the talk of the town for some pet owners. It is showing promising results as cannabidiol is a compound that is gaining fame for its therapeutic properties. However, including CBD hemp oil for dogs needs expert administration.

Hence, to reap the benefits of CBD hemp oil for dogs before including it in the diet of your pet, first, consult your vet. An expert will guide you for the proper dosage formulated for a dog keeping in mind the safety of your pet.

To sum it all 

Summarizing the benefits of hemp oil counts its potency for our pets. The promising and helping properties of hemp oil be it skin-related disease, joint pain, cancer treatment, or overall health. Numerous benefits are advantageous for our four-legged friend. Despite all the characteristics, monitoring of the dose and use is required under the supervision of an expert veterinarian to gain the overall health benefits for our friend. 


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