CBD Topical vs Oral: Which is better, Differences, Benefits & More 

CBD topical vs oral



Among a plethora of CBD product types, the major debate that makes the rounds is CBD topical vs oral. Experts have their own varied opinions, yet it is an uphill task for common users to decide whether they should opt for topical or oral CBD. Therefore, this exclusive article has been penned to provide you with deep clarity on this, and to reach the depths of this puzzle, we interviewed several experts and compiled their opinions, which are based on rich experience in the field, lab testing, and research. So, here we go!


Topical CBD vs Oral


But before we dive into the comparison, let’s quickly first understand the topical CBD vs oral difference. Topical, as the name suggests, are meant to be applied to the body and won’t enter the bloodstream; therefore, they help you avoid the potential side effects of taking them orally.


On the other hand, Oral CBD products are taken through the mouth- either you swallow it with water, simply gulp it, keep it under the tongue, or you simply take a few drops in. That’s all about this type. Ya, seriously that’s it 🙂


Oral CBD products are available in the following forms: 

Oils and Tinctures

Capsules, soft gels, and pills


Isolate (crystals)

Vaping Vaping

 Edibles (food and drinks)



CBD Topical vs Oral: Which is better?

Well, it’s a tug of war when comparing topical and oral CBD for inflammation in terms of many aspects. Both can prove vital for users. But to make things easier for you, let’s dissect them. CBD Topicals do not enter the bloodstream, so they help you avoid many possible side effects. In fact, their application can cure issues spots from exercise, repetitive movements, overuse, or injury.

 On the other hand, CBD Oral might take longer to dissolve in the body yet they also last longer. For instance, it can treat an upset stomach, which needs a long-lasting treatment.   


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