CBD or Melatonin for Sleep: Which Is Better, Benefits, Sideeffects

CBD or melatonin for sleep



If you are fighting against sleep disorders, you might need supplements to combat them. Just google for sleep supplements, and you will find numerous products and sleep supplements that might confuse you. To let our body function adequately, it is vital to have quality sleep. A wide range of products are surfacing on the market; whether you choose melatonin or CBD for sleep, relying on a quality product is a must.

However, to clear your confusion about which product to opt for better sleep, you must know the details of the products. Keeping in mind the pros and cons of sleeping aids is essential. Among various sleep-inducing supplements available on the market, be it a CBD-based product or melatonin, consult a sleep expert regarding the dosage and use.

Which is better for sleeping CBD or melatonin?

Whether it is CBD versus melatonin, you must know your requirements and the benefits these supplements offer. Accordingly, you must also look for the benefits, side effects, ingredients, etc. before choosing the right product.

Let’s look at how CBD works vs. melatonin :


CBD works directly on the following    Melatonin gives better results for
Relax your senses     Maintaining natural sleep & wake cycle
Improves mood and provides calmness    Reduces the time to fall asleep
Therapeutic effect on inflammation     Helps in jet-lag


Therefore, we can say that knowing the difference in how it works for your body and the benefits associated with the same will assist you better in choosing the best sleeping aid, be it melatonin or CBD for sleep.

Side Effects 

Every coin has two sides, similarly, this is the case with drugs and supplements. As per research, an individual can experience some side effects of melatonin and CBD. However, it purely depends on the individual’s response to the supplement. Besides, the melatonin hormone is made in the body which induces the sleep-wake cycle naturally. Hence, its overdose can be alarming. On the contrary, CBD is extracted from cannabis known for its therapeutic effects and soothing sleep cycle.


  Side effects of Melatonin    Side effects of CBD
  Headaches    Change in appetite
  Dizziness    Dry mouth
  Daytime sleepiness    Drowsiness

In general, melatonin and CBD both are safe to consume, but the response of an individual may vary as per the response of a person’s body to these supplements. Whether you are choosing CBD or melatonin for sleep, keep in mind your overall well-being and health by practicing sleep hygiene and routine.


How to Choose the Best CBD Gummies for Sleep?


  • Ingredients: Look for CBD gummies for sleep made with organic hemp plant and extracted through cold press method. No use of artificial additives or sweeteners is made during the manufacturing of the gummies.
  • Brands: Several brands are present in the market. Look for the brand with the highest customer rating and positive reviews. The premium brand maintains quality and safety along with its purity. Look for a brand with third-party testing and an unadulterated certificate of the product.
  • Dosage: The specific needs of an individual vary and monitoring of the dosage is vital. Hence, health professional supervision and dose monitoring are required before choosing CBD gummies for sleep. Always start with a small portion size and accordingly increase the dose.
  • Reviews: Customer reviews and testimonials will give you an insight into the product and user experience will guide you to choose the best CBD gummies for sleep.  


Let’s Conclude

In a nutshell, if you are opting for CBD or melatonin for sleep, these factors are crucial to judge before making any decision. Besides, seeking advice from a health practitioner is mandatory to avoid any health-related risks or if you are undergoing any medication. It’s always advisable to take any supplement under an expert’s supervision.  


However, before you make up your mind to purchase CBD, you must ensure whether it’s legal in your state or not. This 3-minute read will provide you the holistic knowledge about its legality. CBD Legal States 2023


If you are new to the CBD world, know what exactly CBD is, how it works, benefits, side effects, dosage, and all that you need to know before you’re planning to start taking this. What is CBD?

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