Indica or Sativa for Migraines: Which Is Better, How to Use & More

Indica or Sativa for Migraines


Indica or Sativa for Migraines: Are You Confused Which Option to Consider? This read answers all your queries. 

Well, if you are a migraine sufferer and looking for a solution on the internet that is a better CBD alternative for migraine pain relief. Reddit users never shy away when it comes to sharing their opinions on anything, but this tug-of-war for migraine is worth reading.

Yes, Reddit is divided into two halves among the users. Some consider Indica the best option for migraine relief, and others claim Sativa is the best alternative to migraine issues.

Let’s check, what users are saying about Indica or Sativa for migraines Reddit posts claims are further decoded here:

“A question from a user that asks which option do you prefer for migraines?”

To which most users replied, “Indica = in da couch, for rest, for high, and sleep.”

To conclude, the users who supported the Indica for migraines were mostly those who wanted to have a relaxed sleep to avoid migraine pain. In their experience, Indica is best when people are trying to sleep but are unable to because of the constant migraine. They slip into sound sleep and get relaxed from the headache once they consume Indica.

Besides, the other group claims to be relying on sativa for migraines as they need to keep going to work and business. To function during the day time, at the same time, mitigate the migraines, sativa works best for them.

There is also a group that goes for the hybrid option. However, we’ll focus more on Indica and Sativa for migraines.

Let’s see how Sativa and Indica help treat migraines:


Indica for Migraines Sativa for Migraines
Indica strains are used for deep relaxation Sativa strains are useful in various problems
Less THC and high CBD It consists of Low CBD and high THC
Intense relaxing effects Stimulating effects energizes
Better to consume at night Use during the daytime for best results

So, whatever is a convenient option for you, it’s surely going to help you with your migraine pain. Well, it’s right to say nothing can beat the relief and relaxation that you get when suffering from migraine pain. Hence, always keep in mind a few things before you begin to consume these products.

What is the goal? Always keep in mind your goal whether you are taking cannabis for medical conditions or for overall well-being. This will give you a clear idea to choose from as the Indica strain is good to go for insomnia, severe migraines, and anxiety which will give you a deeper relaxing effect.

On the other hand, Sativa strain will energize you, and boost your mind. In addition, its stimulating effects will give you the strength to keep going all day.

To Conclude

Both sativa and indica have different purposes. Hence, you need to weigh them accordingly keeping in mind your goal allowing you to decide which one is the most suitable option for you. There is no hard and fast rule to opt for any option be it sativa or indica for migraines. Its impact and response also differ from person to person.

Therefore, carefully make your choice. Better to go through the Reddit user experience before making your way to the market. And yes, do not forget the legality associated with it in your area. Hence, the deciding factor must be in your hands considering all the associated factors.

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