Best Herbal Cigarettes: Are They Safe & Comparison with Tobacco

best herbal cigarettes


Best Herbal Cigarettes: A Healthier Puff Option-Know all that you want to know about Herbal Cigarettes.

Well, an age-old saying claiming health is wealth and a lot of young people are quitting smoking for health reasons. Rather, some are looking for healthier versions to begin to quit smoking. The healthier version helps a person quit smoking and comes in all-natural and organic ingredients sourced naturally and functional in many ways. With the puffs of Herbal cigarettes, you can enjoy a plethora of health benefits as they are also made in a variety of flavors.

However, the considerable problem with these cigarettes is that when these herbs are burned, the smoke produced can be a setback. On the other hand, herbs in combination with cannabis produce therapeutic effects. It is extremely beneficial in the case of neuropathic pain. Since herbal cigarettes are safer and a healthier version than tobacco or the ones that come with nicotine, it is best to go with this variant.


Comparison with Tobacco

As NIH-National Library of Medicine puts it in their Comprehensive Review in
“How Do Herbal Cigarettes Compare To Tobacco?”


Herbal cigarettes known as tobacco-free or nicotine-free cigarettes are those recognized as being tobacco-free and composed of a mixture of various herbs claimed to lessen the smoking habit side effects. However, controversial data regarding their safety and health effects exist in the literature, warranting a detailed analysis of reports on its consumption. Our review suggests that herbal cigarettes have different shifts of quality and safety characteristics compared with tobacco. In view of the previously compiled claimed health benefits of herbal cigarettes, the compounds in herbal cigarettes possibly influence human health in a way that varies from tobacco cigarettes. This assumption is of particular concern concerning the long-term health impacts of herbal cigarettes. Certain herbal cigarettes such as mugwort, coltsfoot, and damiana may cause remarkable metabolic disorders, resulting in the increased risk of numerous chronic metabolic diseases, including heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. Hence, the suggestion ought to be emphasized that herbal blends need to be looked at carefully to ensure the best safety level. The current review provides comparative insights about the distinctive quality and development features as well as sensory attributes, phytochemical contents, health benefits, and safety of herbal cigarettes. Generally, the burning of herb-derived constituents may affect the human body in many ways and cause serious diseases. The reported alterations of phytochemicals found in herbal cigarettes can ultimately influence the human body; based on that information, a precise mechanism of diseases possibly caused by chronic exposure to herbal cigarettes is still not clear. However, the current review initiates intellectual thinking and insights about the harmful effect of herbal cigarettes. The hazardous compounds found in herbal cigarettes include carbon monoxide, polyaromatics, nicotine, and N-nitrosamines. Besides, cotinine and trans-3′-hydroxycotinine contents were assessed in smokers’ urine, reflecting total NNAL and total PAH levels in Chinese herbal smokers as compared to regular smokers. To improve the understanding of quality, sensory, and safety characteristics based on chemical composition and the health benefits of used herbs, accurate testing involving advanced technology needs to be performed frequently over an extended time. The risk assessment ought to go farther than the initial level to be deliberately safe and to fulfill the claimed health benefits, especially using large pilot studies on humans from different ages, genders, lifestyles, and/or races. Legislation should be imposed to inspect the easily accessible herbal cigarettes and control their constituents.

So, Are Herbal Cigarettes Safe?

NIA further reveals in the same article that….

Herbal cigarettes are believed generally to be healthier or safer than tobacco ones; however, there is a lack of strong proof regarding their effects, with several doubts raised for the likely miscomprehension of these herbs as being safe. This is more complicated by the fact that, although their chemical composition is well-known, little knowledge is provided regarding the post-burning action upon inhalation. Several companies advertise herbal cigarettes as a safe alternative from the perspective of being composed of safe herbal drugs.

Now, it’s up the user to find the risk free herbal cigarettes and opt for the best to avoid any health hazard amid the highly advertised market. However, we have done a deep research in finding out the best ones for you. Find the following products below.


<h3>Best Herb</b>

al Cigarettes To Quit Smoking

Although the beneficial effects of herbs are known to people, less is known about their chemical composition upon burning and inhaling them. Besides, it is also acknowledged that those who are chain smokers and want to quit smoking herbal cigarettes can start their withdrawal journey from tobacco smoking.

Some of the popular variants of the best herbal cigarettes are:

  • Lavender: When you inhale lavender, you get the most relaxing and satisfying impact of aromatherapy, as its floral scents give off a sweet fragrance upon burning.
  • Lobelia: For most people, it is known as Indian Tobacco and is mostly used as an alternate option in place of nicotine. However, it is native to the people of the luscious valleys of Northern America.
  • CBD isolate: All natural hemp-derived CBD isolate comprises therapeutic cannabidiol with zero THC content. It is highly beneficial for reducing stress and anxiety without making people “high.”

Apart from that, there are a plethora of brands that manufacture different kinds of herbal cigarettes with numerous effects. In stressful situations, it works efficiently, as it makes you calmer and soothes your mind by relaxing your body immensely. You will have a relaxed state of mind and a carefree outlook. Upon inhaling the smoke of these cigarettes, you can feel tranquillity and serenity.


Where To Find Herbal Cigarettes?

Everything is present on the go at your fingertips. Look for the herbal cigarettes near me to find the best ones. Obtaining it is convenient through online sources or traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Besides, e-commerce platforms also provide customers with a bunch of options. Try your luck for a brand that works in your favor as per your needs and preferences. Moreover, you can go ahead and place an order for the best herbal cigarettes that you tend to benefit from.

Concluding Thoughts

Well, smoking is altogether hazardous, although if you are trying to quit smoking, then first shift to herbal smoking, as many doctors also recommend switching to herbal smoking first before completely going tobacco and nicotine-free. It is best to have premium herbal cigarettes that are rolled in hemp paper and are free from additives and toxins. Trying out all-natural ingredients is the best way to withdraw the habit of tobacco smoking. It will also lessen the harmful impact of smoking and provide health benefits by relaxing and calming your mind.


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